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November 20, 2010


Hi Lianne,

Your photos are beautiful. So cool to see pictures of such well-loved local spots in the New York Times!

I am a reporter for the Ocean Beach Bulletin, a local news organization that focuses on the OB community. We're only a few months old, and I was wondering two things:

-first, I was wondering if you would be open to an interview/profile in the Bulletin. I would love to showcase some of your pictures, both of the neighborhood and elsewhere, as well as get to hear what your experience of living in the neighborhood is like.
-secondly, we have a feature on our website called the "OB Pic of the Day," which is entirely user-generated, and I was wondering if you would be willing and interested in sharing someof your pictures for us to post at the OB Pic. Of course, no pressure, just thought it'd be cool to add you to the mix of photographers who submit.

Thanks for considering, I hope to connect with you. Feel free to email me at mark@oceanbeachbulletin.com...I hope you enjoyed this recent storm!

Nicely done, Lianne! As a long-time resident of the Ocean Beach area, it's really interesting to see the way some of these newer elements add to the neighborhood while the area still retains its old-school flavor.

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